Preserve Your Memories By Framing Them

No one lives forever but memories can!

Our favorite times bring us delight and comfort by reminding us of people we care about or places that
hold special meaning for us. Photos have become our go-to method for capturing incredible moments in
our lives. It’s also common for us to collect one-of-a-kind works of art on our trips to remind us of where
we’ve been and what we’ve done. However, it is not always easy to make the most of our photographs.

When photo framing is done correctly, it can provide an excellent way for our priceless memories to be
preserved, enabling us to reflect on our favorite memories every day. Art point, the best frame shop in
Dubai, takes pride in preserving your memories in the best way possible. We have unique frames
collection which make your beautiful memory more beautiful


It’s all about the memories, isn’t it?

There are numerous reasons to frame your most precious memories. A frame will keep your old
memories secure while ensuring you can view and appreciate them every day, whether it’s a family
picture, a well-earned degree, or a valuable travel souvenir. Art point picture framing will never
disappoint you . We have high quality frames which will protect your pictures and will look new even
after years. We offer cheap framing Dubai services. Call us now to preserve your memories in the best

Here are some compelling motives to frame your memories:


Staring at a lovely memory from the past can reassure us of the happy times that have come before and
encourage us to look forward to the good days that will soon come. It aids in the recall of wonderful
minutes in our own and our dear ones’ lives. Remember all of your fantastic hiking trips with your
family? All of the long drives, Disneyland visits, first swimming lessons, and your child’s special event! By
framing those memories, you and your family members can relive them whenever you want. Give this
opportunity to Art point, the ideal custom framing Dubai company. You can select different designs from
our huge collection .


Old photographs handed down from parents and grandparents can assist you in keeping your family’s
flashbacks. Framing them allows you to preserve family stories for coming generations.


What best way to remember a loved one than with immortalized memories? Photo frames enable you
to express your feelings for one another by sharing stories and memories. If your loved one enjoys a fun
activity such as painting or some personal stories, you can give them their favorite memories by
preserving them in photographs


Finishing a degree, winning an award, or creating your piece of art– whatever your achievements are,
they’re worth celebrating. Framing is a great way to protect your certificates, memorabilia, and artistic
creations. Art Point will be glad to be the part of your celebration by offering you unique and stylish
design frames.


Something about photo frames serves to remind us of simpler days when we weren’t so preoccupied
with our online activity. It is essentially timeless and aids us in reflecting on the genuinely important
aspects of our lives. Life has evolved dramatically in the last decade for those of us born in the 1980s
and earlier. Our cherished memories of Pac-Man, gaming arcades, film cameras, black-and-white films,
and other activities exist only in our minds and photographs. You can gladly showcase those memories,
reflect on your past, and appreciate them forever with the right frame.

Your priceless memories can be transformed into works of art when correctly displayed.


What memories do you wish to keep? We’ve framed it all from old family pictures and baby photos to
vacation photos, college certificates, and animal memorials for our customers. Not only photos can be
kept in a frame. A shadow box frame may be the ideal method to protect three-dimensional items such
as vacation memorabilia, a marriage bouquet, or military memorabilia.


Items with personal value must be preserved. We strongly suggest a custom frame from an expert
framing studio for important or precious things. We are a professional custom framing Dubai company.
Not only will your framed items look best, but they will also be protected to the greatest extent possible.

  • Custom photo frames provide coverage in several ways:
  • Maintaining dust, dirt, and insects out.
  • Sunshine damage prevention over time (ask us about our UV protective glass)
  • Keeping fingerprints and extreme handling from causing damage
  • Defending against tears and breaks

Art Point, Custom framing Dubai will not only assist you in making the most of your photos but will also
provide you with a frame that complements your home design. This allows your photos to augment your
room and add personal style to your home. Moments that are well-framed tell visitors about where
you’ve been and what you value in life.


We suggest showing your framed moments away from bright sunlight and fluorescent lamps, as these
can trigger damage and fade over a period. Bigger frames work well as statement items, such as above a
mantle or over a mattress. Smaller frames work well in relatively small corners or even on open shelves.
Consider making wall art if you have a collection of memories that you wish to showcase together

Finally, pick a good location where you will get the most pleasure out of your framed memories. Mount
them in your corridor so you can see them every time you walk in. Put them by your bedside so that you
can see them every night. Or make them a focal point in your sitting room.


Canvas printing is a great way to preserve your precious memories and happy moments. Whether it’s a
photo of your family, a beautiful landscape, or a special moment from your wedding day, a canvas print
can add a unique and personal touch to any room in your home.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing our canvas printing is the durability of the material. Unlike
traditional paper prints that can easily fade or become damaged over time, ArtPoint canvas print ismade to last. The canvas is stretched over a Italian or Spanish frame, which gives it a sturdy and stable
structure. This means that your memories will be protected and preserved for years to come.

Another advantage of canvas printing is the ability to customize the size of the print. Whether you want
a large wall hanging or a smaller piece for a desk or shelf, you can choose the size that best suits your
needs. Additionally, you can also choose from a variety of finishes, such as glossy or matte and our
luxury Italian and Spanish frames to enhance the overall look of your canvas print.

Overall, canvas printing is an excellent way to preserve your memories and happy moments. It is a
durable, customizable, and visually pleasing way to display your photos and artwork. So, if you want to
add a personal touch to your home or want to preserve your memories for a long time, canvas printing
is definitely worth considering


Whether it’s the excellent family portrait with everybody looking their finest, or an incredible
nanosecond from your journeys captured on camera, it deserves to be correctly framed. Photo frames
can make or break a photograph by deciding where they are displayed in your home and how
noteworthy they are to you and your guests. Photo framing can enhance the impact and appeal of your
photograph. People frequently discover that standard retail frames are incapable of preserving their
precious memories to their full potential. Custom picture framing in Dubai is often a much better option
for preservation, enabling the photograph to be as impactful as possible while also looking great in your
home. Art Point offers you high quality custom frames in affordable rates. Grab this offer now ! You can
select different designs from our deluxe collection and preserve your memories in the way you want.
Tell your life tale with your favorite memories and picture frames.

Tell your life tale with your favorite memories and picture frames.

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