“Framing your art with expert care.”

Art Point Dubai is a framing service and art gallery located in 422 Al Wasl Road Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers a wide range of art-related services, including custom framing, art restoration, art installation, and art consultancy.

The gallery features a diverse collection of artworks from both local and international artists, including paintings, sculptures, and photography. The pieces are carefully curated to showcase the beauty and diversity of art from around the world.

Art Point Dubai also offers a range of framing options, using high-quality materials and techniques to ensure that each piece is protected and presented in the best possible way. Their expert team works closely with clients to create custom framing solutions that enhance the artwork and suit the client’s preferences.

In addition to their framing and gallery services, Art Point Dubai also provides art consultancy for individuals and businesses. This includes advice on collecting, investing, and displaying art, as well as sourcing specific pieces to suit a particular style or theme.

Overall, Art Point Dubai is a great destination for anyone interested in art, whether you are a collector, an artist, or simply an admirer. Their expert team, high-quality services, and diverse collection of art make it a must-visit location in Dubai.

Explore Frames – Best Framing Service

Art Point offers custom framing with a huge choice of frames to choose from. Our expert team can offer advice and guidance on choosing the right frame for your images, artwork, or family photos.

Picture Frame Mouldings


A picture mount is the card insert that surrounds your artwork in the frame. The mount window opening is cut according to the size of the artwork you want to see in the frame.

Using a mount card in your frame helps highlight artwork by separating it from the frame and drawing attention to the artwork or photo.

Our custom size mount cards enable you to produce a colored, black or white border that adds the  perception of depth in your framed photo, picture or artwork.

  • Available In a range of colors
  • Custom sizes to create your desired design
  • Available as Plain finish
  • Available as Textured finish
  • Available as Fabric finish
  • Available as Velvet finish
  • Available as Metalic finish

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Picture mat boards hang in a cluster on a wall.

Art Gallery

Explore our contemporary art from the region and whole part of the world. We run exhibitions of new and exciting art collections at the gallery very often.

Our gallery features new curated collections from local and international artists.