How To Create An Attractive In-Home Gallery Wall With Picture Frames

Do magic on your blank wall with Art Point!

A gallery wall is among the most eye-catching yet inexpensive ways to add aesthetic value to a blank wall; it’s ideal for displaying memories or smaller works of art while directing the focus of a given room. For nearly 400 years, gallery walls have been used to introduce blank walls and empty rooms to life.

So if you’re curious how to produce this exceptionally high glimpse in your room, “hang” on, and Art Point, the most trusted and demandable picture framing in Dubai will have your task up and ready in no time. If you’ve never had a gallery wall before and aren’t sure where to begin, our expert tips agree to take the pressure out of compiling and enforcing your at-home gallery wall.

  • Choose Your Style

Let’s bring out your inner creativity to your wall!

This is where the majority of the design and creation will take place. What style speaks to you and complements your décor – symmetry? Eccentricity? Materialistic vs. minimalist?

Art gallery Dubai, The Art Point will help you at this stage by providing you with a diverse portfolio of artworks, paintings, digital photos, and priceless collections with custom framing services to choose from,  based on your taste, style and culture.

What do you want your story to be about? Once you’ve nailed that down, consider starting with a main focal point and then building around it with supplementary ideas. Whatever you choose, the art should be displayed in the best frames possible, as proper framing makes all the difference on gallery walls.

There are two primary gallery wall choices:

  • Using your photographs and artwork, you can establish a statement piece and buy appropriately sized picture frames to hang on the wall.
  • You can purchase a customized set of framed wall art prints (often themed, such as botanical or scenery prints) and simply hang them in your empty room.

Decorate Empty Walls With Beautiful Memories With Art Point

Art Point’s digital printing would help you print all your favorite photos and turn them into a creative in-house art gallery. A very artistic way of combining many photos. Print all of them in black and white and frame them in black (or white) frames (available in variety at Art Point frame shop). Modern and very clever! This is a brilliant example of how to make a family wall picture wall – with various custom frames, types of pictures, and so on – all coming together to form a stunning piece of art

  • Decide Which Wall To Use

Hallways are ideal for an in-home photo wall. Because gallery walls thrive in close quarters owing to their smaller format designs, these walls are typically narrower. “Hallways also enable you to continue your statement piece for as long as the hallway is, making it very easy to add to it as you go,” said expert gallery wall designers.

Do you want to add some flair to your delicious dishes? It’s the best way to start the discussion when you’re organizing a family dinner or want to create a fresh ambiance at dinnertime. With Art Gallery Dubai, The Art Point, decorating the dining room’s wall is ideally the most useful in-house gallery option.

This is one way to bring big energy to a small seating room idea while also making the most of the limited space you have. Why not consider developing a culinary theme?

  • Start Collecting Your Artwork And Photo Frames

Begin collecting items that you adore, such as original art, handmade prints, and photos. Art Point provides you finest artworks, paintings, photos, and ancient and unique collections in all categories. Whether you are looking for contemporary art, a classic one, cultural (Arabic, Turkish, Russian, or Chinese) or it may be any kind you love. Once you ready to collect consider the size of your potential selection and the arrangement you want as you begin collecting. Do you want them to all be the same size? Or do you prefer to work in a variety of sizes? Look for ideas on the internet, in your popular shops and cafes, or at residential shows and expos.

  • Even Or Odd?

Determine whether odd or even figures fit great. For example, even figures can work well in formalized organizations of the same size, but odd numbers fit fine in more spontaneous arrangements or compilations.

  • Measure

Measuring is the key to an ideal gallery wall!

Measure the wall where you’re hanging your picture frames and artwork with a focus on keeping it centered (and around 6-8”) above any furniture that may be present beneath it. It’s also an excellent suggestion to leave some additional space on either side of the gallery to assist the placement’s balance.

Art Point’s custom framing service can help you get quality picture frames of your desired sizes. You should think about the exact widths of your picture frames, particularly if you’re using tailored frames of various sizes. Assess the height and width of the frame, as well as the distance between the frame’s top and the hanging wire where the nail will be.

  • Recheck Your Layout

Before embarking on your journey, it’s better to take the lay of the land. Before putting your images on frames or graphic paper, lay them out on the ground in a general layout. Don’t forget to think about everything. Examine your wall from various angles, such as when you enter or from various seating regions in the room, to ensure that the measurement feels right.

Carry your metrics from your ground configuration to the wall once you’re satisfied with your arrangement. Just keep in mind that each frame has its own mounting point. If you install one and it isn’t exactly where you wanted it to be, simply re-measure the difference and remount.

  • Hanging

A hammer and nails or picture hooks are required. Some people go the extra mile and create paper templates, which will come in handy if you’re a first-timer! In case of errors, you’ll also require a pencil and rubber, a ruler, and a wall filler. Mark the top edge of the frames on the walls with a light pencil. Assess and mark how far down the photo frame you wish your nail holes to be. Then, start hammering until they’re all up. To ensure that everything is linear, use a spirit level.

  • The Final Result

Take a step back and enjoy the splendor of your creation.

 Remember that you can effortlessly switch or update your gallery with new photo frames and artwork whenever you want. For instance, if you have art prints, you might wish to change them up for the new period to incorporate an autumnal/winter style. Simply assess what you want to remove and remount or substitute it with a similar-sized item.

Nothing beats a delightful gallery to convert one’s living space. Depending on what you envisioned during the artistic process, they arouse delight, tranquility, or intrigue. You’ll notice a big difference, and we’d like to see it too!

Nowadays, no home is perfect without gallery wall insights, whether in the guest room, living room, hallway, or any other room. Showcasing paintings, images, and prints together in perfect harmony is among the most game-changing wall decor concepts around, and it’s the ideal way to add attention to an uninteresting or basic-looking space. Follow our tips to create an attractive in-home gallery wall.

Happy ‘gallery wall’ creating!

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